Some Of The Funny Things You Do With A Running Metronome

Unique And Funny Things You Do With A Metronome  A metronome is a device that beats at regular intervals of time. Depending upon your requirements, you can set the tic-tock beat in the range 60-250 beats per minute. Metronome instruments are used by musicians, long distance runners as well as early morning walkers.

New training methods like Chi-Running advice users to wear a running metronome in their belt help them synchronize their movements. Runners who have used a running metronome have only good things to say about this device.

Metronome devices date back to early 19th century, when the first patent was filed by one Johann Maelzel. Maelzel invented this device for musicians. A metronome helps musicians maintain a steady tempo. It is also used by composers for specifying tempo.

A metronome may be made of wood or metal. They may be digital or mechanical. Most mechanical metronome devices work using a pendulum. The use of metronome is controversial with many finding no benefit in its use. However, there is no doubt that used in a proper manner it helps in improving technique when it comes to running.

Fun Things You Can Do With a Running Metronome

Hill Training

Running uphill is not easy. Most of us end up with tired and sore legs after running uphill for a few minutes. Using a running metronome will help you shorten your stride length and increase the efficiency of your uphill climb.

Our tendency is tot take lengthy steps during an uphill run. The running metronome will train us to shorten our stride and reduce down forces. By shortening our stride length by 5-10%, we will reduce the impact to our knees and hips.

Smoother Running

How many of us feel that our feet are landing heavily while we are running? NO, it is not our mind playing tricks.

If you feel that you right leg is thumping down on the tarmac it is because of misalignment. If you start favoring one of your legs you might even end up with a sports related injury, which may take months to heal.

A running metronome is a simple device that will help you find a proper running rhythm. The secret of running injury free is reducing time the feet are in contact with the ground. Shorter steps are much better because of this very reason.

However, reducing stride length is not as easy as it sounds. Our running habits resulting from bad posture, or poor core strength, allow only lengthier strides, which puts a lot of pressure on the knees and hips.

Metronomic running strikes a balance by shortening the stride length and reducing time the heels are in touch with the ground.

2, 3 Waltz

To calculate your cadence, you have to match your right foot strike with the tempo of yourrunning metronome.

However, this will become very tedious after a certain point of time. This may also inadvertently cause you to favor your right leg in your running rhythm. If this goes unchecked for a long time it may even lead to injuries.

Another benefit of the waltz is that it takes your mind of the staccato tic tock of the metronome and provides you opportunity to enjoy running.

Cadence Targets

Cadence is the number of beats per minute. To calculate cadence, run for five minutes. Once your heart rate is up, switch your metronome device and try matching your right foot strike with the tick-tock of your metronome device. The aim should be to synchronize the two.

Keep running for a five to ten minutes. Stop and take a reading. The reading showing on your monitor is your cadence. Your aim should be to reach 85-95. If your cadence is below this target you can start increasing your cadence by one unit. Run at the new level for a week, before increasing by one unit and so on.

A running metronome is an essential tool for every runner. It is light, handy costing a few dollars only. You can wear it as an earpiece or clip it to your belt. If you do not like the staccato tick-tock beats, you can put it on vibrating mode.

Running does not have to be boring and monotonous. A running metronome will bring back the fun into your running, by making it less stressful and injury free. By helping you change your running style to smaller tighter steps, a running metronome will help you to run further and longer.

Seiko DM50S Clip Digital Metronome

Running Metronome used by Elite Runners

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What Makes the Seiko DM50S Your Perfect Running Partner?

Seiko DM50S Your Perfect Running Partner Running is a solitary activity. It is probably one of the few activities that are best accomplished alone. Serious runners are like lone wolves. They rarely run in packs, and even if they do, they are lost to the world, preferring to concentrate on the lub-dub of their heartbeat and to the tempo of each stride.

In this exclusively private world, the running metronome fits in with comparative ease. The running metronome beats the human running partner any day.

So what exactly is the running metronome? The Running Metronome is a simple device that can be easily clipped or fitted to the body and which has an inbuilt program that enables the user to gauge his performance in terms of the number of strides that he takes per minute, and to maintain it or increase it as per his/her requirement.

The no of strides or beats per minute is generally in the range of 60-85 per minute. The b/m is much higher for a professional runner.

The number of beats per minute is important for defining the utility of any run i.e. the benefits that can be derived out of it. It forms the core of a run. A person can derive maximum benefits provided consistency is managed all through.

The idea should always be to improve upon the number of beats per minute. The running metronome systematically enables the user to match and use the correct stride length and the stride rate.

What Makes The Seiko DM50S Metronome The Ideal Running Partner?

Other than few accessories and the shoes, the jogger has few friends while on a run. The Seiko DN50S metronome is one such friend. In fact, it is more than a just a friend; it doubles as a lifeguard, coach and a motivator.

The Seiko DM50S Metronome Ensures a Safer Run

The Seiko DM50S metronome improves the technique and thus prevents running related accidents. More than 80 percent of running related accidents is attributed to improper technique. This includes putting more pressure over one leg as compared to the other and irregularity of strides.

The running metronome helps tide over all these and helps maintain a rhythm of the run. A synchronized run is more beneficial health wise than a random unsynchronized one. It can, in fact, be dangerous with one faulty step leading to a sprain or a fall.

Seiko DM50S Metronome is Excellent for Professionals and Novices Alike

The digital Seiko DM50S metronome is perfectly synchronized to meet the requirements of both the professional runner as well as the novice. Professionals can easily attune the Seiko DM50S metronome to up their performance whereas novices can adjudge their performance and maintain a steady pace. It also helps to change pace during a run.

The number one cardinal sin while running – inconsistency can be avoided at all in case the runner switches to a metronome. 

Small and Compact and Can Be Easily Clipped on

The Seiko DM50S is small and compact and can be easily clipped to the shoes, tee shirt, arm band without distracting from the run.

Long Life and Clear Sound

The volume can be easily controlled. The Seiko DM50S provides loud and clear sounds. You can easily decide the volume that suits best. The Seiko easily alternates between four volumes.

And more importantly as this is extremely easy to use, with buttons that can be easily accessed even during a run.

With the Seiko Metronome users do not have to worry about the charging. The battery has a long life and provides 200 hours of use. This highly efficient Metronome easily saves the last run details, and as such, you don’t have to bother about where you left from the last run.

All this, makes the Seiko DM50S a perfect tool for running – the ideal running partner.


While running it is best to run with a metronome on or probably not run at all. A running metronome gets the best out of a run without causing needless injuries. The Seiko DM50S is cheap, durable and comparatively excellent equipment for anyone who loves his run.

Seiko DM50S is relatively easy to use, you just need to check beforehand and adjust the stride rate. And as per your requirement you can increase to optimize your capability. This device will be of great help for maintain a steady cadence a must for a disciplined and effective run.

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Seiko DM50S vs. Free Online Metronome Application Download

Seiko DM50S vs. Free Online Metronome Application Download A running metronome is a useful tool for runners. Whether you’re just a beginner or a veteran, a metronome will help you in your quest to run longer and smoother.

What Is a Running Metronome?

A running metronome is a handy tool that is used by runners to improve their stride rate. Stride rate is the number of strides executed in a minute. It is also known as cadence.

Studies have revealed that a shorter stride length is better compared to lengthier one. It is better because, with shorter strides, there is lesser surface contact. The longer your feet are in contact with the surface greater is the chance sustaining injuries.

A running metronome provides audio cues in the form of staccato like beeps that can be used to control the length of the foot strides.

Ideally, your cadence should be in the range 85-95. However, only elite athletes are programmed to run at this level. Most of us will have a cadence in the 65-70 range.

The good news is that we can improve how we run by training systematically with the help of a metronome. Newer forms of running like Chi-Running recommend the use of a running metronome to improve running technique. It is important too because bad form and bad technique can lead to running injuries and thousands of dollars in rehabilitation.

When it comes to buying a running metronome, you have two choices before you: compact metronome devices and metronome download. Compact metronome devices like the Seiko DM50S are easily available, come cheap, are light and last for many years. Online downloads offer the same functionality, but you will need a java enable device to enjoy its full functionality.

The Seiko DM50S has the following advantages:

  • Easy to use: The Seiko DM50S is easy to use. It is light and compact. It has four basic buttons that can be used to increase/decrease the volume.
  • Does not need additional software: The Seiko DM50S does not need a costly operating system to install.
  • Affordable: It is very affordable. It costs only a few dollars.
  • Long battery life: The Seiko DM50S runs for a long time. The battery life is indicated at more than 200hrs.
  • Volume: The volume can be increased or decreased according to your requirement. You can even put it on mute altogether and use the flashing led or vibration for cues.

Running Metronome can be downloaded provided you have mp3 device. However, running with an mp3 player is too gimmicky for most people.

The Seiko DM50S is not gimmicky. It is simply a device designed for one thing – how to make you run better. You can clip your Seiko DM50 to your waistband and adjust the volume so that you hear the beeps distinctly.

By synchronizing the fall of your foot with the beep, you can improve you cadence to where it is recommended.

The Seiko DM50 can also be set to vibrating mode if you find the tic tock of the metronome irritating. It will also focus your attention on the task of running. It is easy to get diverted if you are carrying an mp3 player. Before long, you are switching to music, which is not what you would want if you have serious training in mind.

The Seiko DM50S scores over metronome downloads because of the following reasons:

  • The Seiko DM50S does not need windows OS
  • It is more affordable than your mp3 player
  • You can set it to vibration
  • Does not divert your attention. Helps you focus on the aspect of running
  • It is more convenient to carry on your jogs.

The Seiko DM50S is easy to use, compact and affordable. It can be clipped to your trousers, belt or waistband. You can increase/decrease volume according to your requirements. Compared to downloads it is better, cheaper in the long run and more appropriate for your purpose.

Seiko DM50S Clip Digital Metronemo Click picture to read my review on Seiko DM50S



How Seiko DM50S Running Metronome Can Improve Your Running Form and Performance

How Seiko DM50S Running Metronome Can Improve Your Running Form and Performance The Seiko DM50S is a handy piece of equipment if you want to improve your running. It is light weight, costs below $20 and can be easily clipped to your trouser legs or socks. This compact metronome device is a handy tool for runners who want to stay injury free.

It is no secret that more than 50% runners suffer from one kind of running injury or the other. Bad form is one reason why these injuries happen so often. Cadence is also an important factor. Cadence, in running terms, is defined as the number of times the foot strikes the ground in a minute. Ideally the cadence or the beats per minute should be in the range 85-95. The Seiko DM50S Running Metronome improves your running form and performance by increasing your strike rate.

The DM50S is powered with a small single lithium CR battery that has a 200 hr shelf life. You can simply clip the DM50S to your waistband and go for your morning run. If you are new to a metronome here is how you can use the DM50S to improve your running performance:

  • Clip the DM50S to your waistband and start your run
  • Run for five minutes before switching the metronome on
  • Once the metronome starts beeping, try synchronizing the landing of your right foot to every beep.
  • Run for another 5-10 minutes
  • Stop and record the cadence
  • Price is moderate. The Seiko DM50S retail below $20 at most online sites like Amazon.

Most runners will find their cadence below the stipulated rate. This is because our conditioning, bad form and weak core muscles. Once you have recorded your cadence on the Seiko metronome, increase the beat by one unit and start running again. Keep running at this increases beat for the whole week. The idea is to be comfortable at your new stride length.

Increasing cadence will increase your stride length. Initially your calf muscles will hurt, but the pain will go away once you are used to the new pace.

You can keep increasing the cadence on your Seiko metronome by one beat till the recommended level is reached. The Seiko DM50S is an able running aid because of the following reasons:

  1. Small size
  2. Compact device comparable to the dimensions of a cigarette box
  3. Clip on Design
  4. The Seiko DM50S can be clipped to your waistband, trouser, socks or shoes.

Clear Sound

The beep is loud and clear. You can even increase or decrease volume depending on your requirements

Easy to Use

It has four buttons for remarkably easy navigation.

Tough and Durable

It is made of plastic, however, that does not mean that it is durable. Your Seiko DM50S will last for many years.

Reduces Injuries

Running related injury is fairly common. Almost 50-70% runners suffer from one type of running injury or the other. Most injuries are impact related. The knees, hips and spinal column are most affected. Using a running metronome will help you reduce stride length. A shorter stride length is better because it reduces impact time significantly. Elite runners hardly seem to touch the ground because of their better stride length.

Less Fatigue

Running with a metronome will increase efficiency. Once you start listening to your foot fall you will be able to concentrate better. This will result in a better technique and lesser fatigue. Remember, if you are not running right, you will get tired faster.

Efficient Running

Running uphill is very demanding and exhausting. Our stride increases automatically while we run uphill, resulting in aching calf muscles. The correct way to run uphill is with shorter strides. Using a metronome will help you remove this technical error. Running with shorter strides will help you run better and smoother.

The Seiko DM50S is an all-weather device. It is rugged, durable and affordable. These devices retail below $20 at Amazon. It is a perfect running companion for runners who want to improve their running technique.

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Running Metronome Buyer’s Guide

Running Metronome Buyer's Guide The Metronome is a simple device that gives a “beep” or a click once a set pace or cadence is accomplished. A set pace refers to the rhythm.

Measuring Rhythm via a Running Metronome

Rhythm is an essential element of life it is responsible for smoothness or flow. Whether it is a typist at work, a pianist working on her Chopin or a runner beating the odds-the crucial element at work is the rhythm-the cadence.

For example, look at a professional runner; his feet strike the ground after a certain interval without fail. Even as he shifts gears in the final laps, the rhythm remains consistent. (Cadence in the instance of the runner refers to the number of times the feet touches the ground in a minute while on a run). All this is necessary; any variance will result in a slow down or a muscle sprain.

Any activity devoid of a sense of rhythm is random, jarring and often confusing. It is more so in the case of music, where inconsistency can tear apart the beauty.  And thus the need for a device like the metronome-that measure beats.

Essentially unobtrusive, the metronome is an asset for musicians and sports persons alike. Initially the metronome was a pendulum like and had to be wound up, the to and fro motion of the pendulum formed the basis for measuring the beats.

However, the disadvantage was that these often were not accurate. The length of the pendulum altered with the change of seasons giving rise to inconsistency. The digital metronome that are available now-a-days are more accurate. The Seiko series in particular provides regular and highly accurate readings. Another advantage of the Seiko metronome is that these have a good battery life and memory.

What to Look for While Buying a Running Metronome?

Whether you are an aspiring musician or an elite runner, a metronome is an essential requirement for you. It helps you improve on your timing and technique. It will also keep track of the cadence which is an essential indicator for judging how well you run on the track or how well you play your Chopin. However before buying a metronome it is essential to consider the accuracy, the battery life, memory and durability  


While most of the digital metronomes are accurate the Seiko DM50S metronome is one of the cheapest metronomes available in the market today. That accounts for its immense popularity. More runners prefer the Seiko over any other metronome.

The Seiko DM50S is the best running partner that a person can have. In fact, it is impossible to get a better mechanical device for a runner for 17$. (The price as listed at Amazon). It competes, guides and “beeps” as you course long. The easy access buttons are a bonus; you can easily complete your run while checking your running stats. A breather is rarely required when you have the Seiko DM50S on.

Whether you are running in the forests or on the plains, the Seiko DM50S metronome manages to adjust and gives you precise and exact information related to speed and technique. Whether you are a rookie or a pro, the Seiko DM50S is an excellent choice.  


Another factor that should be taken into consideration while buying a metronome is the shelf life. Good quality metronomes last thousands of kilometers. Again the Seiko DM50S is an excellent choice, in spite of the plastic casing; it is incredibly tough and is able to withstand minor bumps without damage. 

Battery Life:

Running metronomes should ideally have a substantial battery life. The Seiko DM50S clip digital metronome’s lithium battery has an incredibly long life. A single Lithium battery lasts 200 hours, more than any other metronome or GPS device.   

Memory and Range:

look for a good memory and a wide range. This is essential in case for keeping a track of the last run and bettering it. The Seiko DM50S Clip digital metronome has a tempo that varies between 30 to 250 beats per minute, more than enough to accommodate the slowest and the fastest or runners. You can easily clip this on to your shirt and take off from the last day’s run.


The metronome is as unobtrusive as can be. However, this simple device can be of excellent service for improving your musical skills or your running capacity. As a runner, you are generally unaware of your optimum potential and noticeably slag in the absence of inputs.

The Running Metronome, however, ensures that consistency is maintained throughout. No doubt the metronome is a simple device but it is an essential requirement for making the music more melodious and the run more fruitful.

Seiko DM50S Clip Digital Metronemo Click picture to read my review on Seiko DM50S Metronome.


Tips for Using A Running Metronome

Running Metronome Tips Running as an exercise format has been around for many years now. The benefits of running include increased calorie burn, better cardiovascular health, better muscle tone and freedom from lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

However, one should know that running, as a physical activity, puts incredible amount of stress on the knees, hips and joints, especially if it is not done right. Running on a hard surface is dissuaded if the knees are in poor shape. Also, you should not be running if you are suffering from low back pain brought on by degenerative diseases like sciatica.

Pacing yourself is important to any running program. Every movement should be fluid and rhythmic. The secret of remaining injury free is to strike an easy rhythm early and maintain it for as long as possible. Form is also important. Your feet must land right, your hands and elbows must be positioned right, and the posture should be correct.

If you find yourself landing heavily on one foot, it means that you are not running correctly. Keep in mind that you have to distribute your weight equally, otherwise you are likely to suffer from stress injuries. According to research, 30 percent of all runners, every year, suffer stress related injuries due to poor techniques.

When it comes to pacing yourself and finding the correct rhythm there is nothing better than using a running metronome. This simple yet effective device is trusted by runners all over the world. It can be used by beginners, pro – runners and anybody in between. A metronome can be used by a beginner to learn the correct running technique considering that advanced users, like professional athletes, rely on it before big events.

Running Metronome Usage Tips:

  • Pace yourself before switching the metronome on. A brisk five minute run will do the trick.
  • Once your heart rate is up, and you are properly warmed, start metronome device and try to match your footsteps with each foot fall. The aim should be to synchronize the two. Don’t panic if you are not able to synchronize immediately because it takes a minute or two
  • Adjust your metronome device to beep faster or slower according to your pace
  • Align the beep to your steps over the next five minutes
  • After 5-10 minutes look at the metronome and record the reading

Ideally, your beats per minute should be in 85-95 range. But, don’t worry if isn’t. You can start working towards an ideal cadence by increasing your step rate by one every minute. The trick is to maintain your cadence at this elevated rate till you feel comfortable.

According to research, most people, even athletes, do not strike the correct cadence. However, the step rate can be improved by training. The more you train, the easier it becomes! Increasing the step rate by 5-10% helps in reducing sport related injuries.

Studies reveal that by increasing the step rate by five to ten percent, we reduce the time the feet are in contact with the surface. Less contact with the ground translates into fewer injuries over a period of time.

Adjustable Features

Most metronome devices are adjustable. This means that you can change the cadence as per your requirements. The main objective is to have a cadence at the higher end of the scale. Higher strike rate translates into less fatigue as the feet do not touch the ground that often.

When the strides are longer, the feet have to remain on the ground for a longer time to provide the necessary thrust, increasing the chances of sustaining injuries. Shorter stride length, on the other hand, increases the work rate, however, they put less stress on the knees and joints.


Running is great for health. However, it is important to run in the proper manner at all times. Form is very important to running. A metronome device helps in improving the running rhythm and helps in running for longer intervals.

Seiko DM50S Clip Digital Metronemo  Click picture to read about the running metronome I personally use to improve my running.


Running With A Running Metronome

Running With a Running Metronome Metronome is a simple tool used by musicians. Invented in the early part of the nineteenth century it has led a controversial existence. Some musicians vouch for its efficiency while there are equally others who call it a mere gimmick.

 What is a metronome? A metronome is a mechanical device that beats at a regular interval period of time. The beats can be increased or decreased according to the needs of the user. Most metronome devices found today are made out of metal or plastic, however, there was a time when metronome devices made of wood was quite the rage.Use of The Running Metronome

 The use of the metronome as a running aid has become fairly common in the athletic community. Practitioners of Chi-Running use metronome devices to pace themselves. Metronome devices can be clipped to a belt, or you could wear it as an earpiece while you jog.

Those who hate the tick tock staccato beats can replace it with something more pleasant or interesting. People have tried drum beats and succeeded. You can even switch off the sound and switch on to vibrating mode.

Benefits of Using The Running Metronome

Before understanding the benefits of using a running metronome, it is important to have a grip of the biomechanics of running. Ideally the ground force should act forwards not downwards. Ground forces act downwards while you are at running is bad news for your knees joints and hips. Most running injuries occur due to bad form. Running injuries are common. More than 50% of all runners suffer from one type of injury or other resulting from bad form and posture.

A Running Metronome is a great running companion because it helps you concentrate on your form while running. While you run you should listen to your footsteps falling. If your feet are killing you, it is time to take a good look at your running from a biomechanics perspective. If you want to make right start invest in a metronome. It will set you back by a few dollars, but the benefits cannot be measured in money. 

Ease of use

It is very simple and easy to use. A running metronome will help you measure cadence which is the same thing as beats per minute. All you have to do is start running for five minutes. Once you have achieved your normal work rate, switch your metronome right away and try synchronizing the fall of your right foot with the tempo of the metronome.

Once you have achieved this state keep running for another 5-10 minutes. You should make certain that the work rate does not flag in between. Once the five minutes are over calculate the cadence. Ideally, your cadence should be in the interval 85-95. However, if it is not, don’t worry because, with diligence, you can work your way to a healthy rate.

According to experts, most people will have cadence lower than what is recommended. This is because the body, spoilt by years of bad habits, finds it easier to stick to a lower cadence. It is really important to have a cadence near to the recommended 85-95 limit.

Higher cadence means shorter stride length. Shorter stride length means the feet are in contact with the ground for a lesser period of time. Less contact means fewer injuries to the knees and hips.

 Thousands of Happy Users

A running metronome can also help you run hills efficiently.

While running uphill there is a natural inclination to increase the length of the stride. However, studies have revealed that this method of running is inefficient. No wonder 50-70% runners suffer from one type of injury or the other.

During hill running your objective should be to reduce stride length. If you are too slow, then you should definitely try to get it back to normal. The easiest way is to use a metronome device. A metronome device will help you find the correct cadence and help you run more efficiently. Thousands of runners have benefited from this simple yet powerful device.

Running is a great exercise for the mind and body. However, it is important to do it right otherwise there is a risk of injury. A running metronome is a simple yet effective device for synchronizing the falling of the right leg with the tempo of the metronome device.

Seiko DM50S Clip Digital Metronemo

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What Is A Running Metronome?

Do You Remember The Joy of Running?

What Is A Running Metronome? Running down the hill with the wind behind you… The surge of adrenaline as you changed gears.

Don’t you wish that you could run fearlessly once again? Unfortunately, most of us pick up injuries, poor posture as we age. We want to run, but can’t fearing injuries. We are steeped in self-doubts. What if we injure our knees? What if we tear a ligament? The good news is that you can run again.

Modern running techniques makes running safer than before. However, before you start running it is important to consult your doctor. Get a thorough physical about your heart condition. This is all the more important if you are above the age of 35, suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. Your doctor will be able to suggest a recommended level of activity. 

It’s All About Running

We are made for running – a recent Harvard study says so.

However, most of us pick up bad habits, making running difficult. A sedentary lifestyle combined with poor eating habits will make your core muscles weak, making you prime candidate for every day injuries and strains. Running at the right intensity is good for your health. It bumps up your calorie burn rate, improves cardiovascular function, improves core strength and fills you with energy for the entire day.

However, running activity has to be precise and controlled. Recent studies show the importance of cadence and landing mid-feet while running. The trick is in the rhythm. Running should be rhythmical, spontaneous and fun. It should be labored. It is not a punishment.

A Good Investment

Picture of a Running MetronomeA Running Metronome is as good an investment as any for runners. It targets the most important of running – rhythm. It is not even costly. You can get a good quality metronome watch for under $20. It is a compact little device no bigger than a credit card. The device gives a beep at regular intervals. The beeping can be reset to synchronize with your running activity.

Our body thrives on rhythm – irregular hours, eating too much or too little, spoils the rhythm. Running is no different. Running thrives on rhythm. How the feet land is as important as the tempo and pace. Most Pro Runners stick to a familiar routine on their daily runs. This routine is built after years of training and knowing about what the body can and cannot do. Metronome Running simplifies the process by making running rhythmic and smooth.

The Importance of The Running Metronome

According to experts, your running cadence should be between 85-90 beats per minute. Anything slower will make running more stressful than needed.

Using the metronome is easy. Start by calculating your actual cadence. Calculating cadence is easy. Switch on your metronome device after five minutes of running. Set the metronome so that it beeps every time your right foot lands on the surface. You aim should be to synchronize the beeping with the landing of the foot. Once you have done that, stop and calculate the number of beeps per minute. The number that shows up on the monitor is your cadence.

Mostly you will find your cadence below 85. It is not unusual even Pro Runners clock below 85. The next step is to increase your cadence gradually till it reaches the target range. The best way is to increase your cadence one beat at a time and train at that level for a week. You can keep on increasing the beats in this manner till you reach the recommended level. 

More Than One Way to Use A Running Metronome

Your metronome can be used for different kinds or running workouts. For example, you can shorten your strides during a slow jog or uphill running to match it with your cadence. Similarly, your strides have to be longer during a full sprint and running downhill. Mastering this technique takes time and perseverance, but the fruits of your labor are priceless.   

Running is one of the best physical activities known to man. It is a rare physical activity that combines aerobic, as well as anaerobic training. However, form is very important when it comes to running. The joints, hips and knees suffer the most during any running activity. The running metronome helps by making running more rhythmic and stress free.

Seiko DM50S Clip Digital Metronemo

Click picture to read review on one of the most popular Running Metronome.


Garmin Forerunner 305 Review

What So Special About Garmin Forerunner 305?

Garmin Forerunner 305

Garmin Forerunner 305

Many people have been asking me why I bought the Garmin 305? What so good about this Forerunner 305?

There are simply too many reasons that made me fall in love with this Garmin 305 (aka Forerunner 305), namely its cool look, supreme functionalities and superb performance.

Anyway, I have come out with a list of 13 reasons why this Forerunner 305 has become my beloved running partner.

13 Reasons Why I Love My Garmin Forerunner 305

1. The Look of Garmin Forerunner 305

I like the look of Garmin 305. I find it so cool as it looks different from the ordinary runners watches or other Garmin running watch. I like things with look that is UNIQUE and DIFFERENT! And Garmin 305 has this sleek look.

2. The Display Screen of Garmin 305

Forerunner 305

Forerunner 305 Display

Garmin 305 is slightly bigger than a traditional running watch, because it has a widescreen display. Together with the high resolution, it is very easy to read the data off the widescreen even when I am running under a densely shaded path. Before having this Forerunner 305, I found difficulty reading the data off my watch even while running under the bright sunny sky, because the screen was small and the resolution was low.

By the way, though Garmin 305 is bigger than normal sport watch, it rests comfortably on my wrist. It is not bulky or heavy.

3. Layout of Buttons on Garmin 305

Garmin 305

There are 7 buttons on Garmin 305. The frequently used are the “Start/Stop” & “Lap/Reset” buttons which are conveniently seated at the front. The remaining 5 buttons are located at both sides of the watch. I hate sport watches with so many buttons clustered at the surface of the watch, it looks messy and confusing. Forerunner 305 is neat.

4. Power Charging & Data Transfer Function of Garmin 305

Garmin Forerunner 305 Cradle Garmin Forerunner 305 comes with a small cradle housed with a mini-USB port. This USB port can be used for transfer my running data to my PC. The cool thing is it can also be used to charge the Garmin 305 connecting via this USB connection from the PC. That means I need not to look for another power point.

5. Tracking Function of Garmin Forerunner 305

As I have mentioned couple of times, I was rather pleased and glad that even when I was running under densely shaded path, Garmin 305 could still track accurately and remain “lock-on”. Most of my runs are trail running across different arena and parts of it are densely shaded by tall and big trees. If Forerunner 305’s tracking system could not function well under this type of condition, it would not be very useful to me then. I am glad it does and does very well.

6. GPS Function of Garmin 305

Garmin 305

Garmin 305 GPS Function

Garmin 305 has the mapping, waypoint marking, and routing capabilities. I can use it to mark locations alone my running route. And with the “Go To Location” feature, I can go back to the location I desire, thus I will not get lost. Now, I am dared to venture into unfamiliar route without the fear of losing my way back. 

7. Data Capturing Function of Garmin 305

Garmin 305 can capture and display a lot of data including calories burned, distance, elevation, grade, and heading, as well as multiple lap and pace. Garmin 305 can also track heart-rate, lap heart-rate, average heart-rate, and heart-rate zones via the included coded heart-rate chest strap. Forerunner 305 can be used for tracking bike performance too via a wireless cadence and speed meter. I have yet to try that.

 8. Data Display Function of Garmin 305

As mentioned in my previous point, Garmin 305 can capture so much data, displaying such among of data on the screen can be a challenge, but Garmin 305 does a beautiful job by allowing you to easily define how much or how little data you want to view. I love the customization of display to my liking.

9. Heart Rate Monitoring Function of Garmin Forerunner 305

Garmin 305 not only tracks my heart rate, it also allows me to set the target zones and alerts, so that I would know when to slow down and when to pick up my pace. Thus, minimizing the risk.

10. Virtual Partner function of Garmin 305

Garmin Forerunner 305

Garmin 305 Virtual Partner

I am a lone runner. I prefer to run by myself so that I could set my own pace, time and running route though once in a while I enjoy running in a group. With this function, I could set up a virtual running partner to compete against me. This is kind of cool.

If you are a cyclist or biker, you can set it up as a virtual biking companion to compete against you.

11. Interval Workout Function of Garmin 305

Garmin Forerunner 305 Workout Function

Garmin 305 Workout Function

Just like my Gymboss Interval Timer, Garmin 305 allows me to set my Run-Walk-Run training. Thus with Forerunner 305, I need not to carry my Gymboss Interval Timer anymore. Well, the less than $20 Gymboss Interval Timer had served me well before 305 came into my life. Good and faithful servant. :-)

12. Performance Analysis Function of Garmin 305

This is something that can be very addictive. After each run, I upload all the data to Garmin website and all my performance graphs are produced. With this analysis, I could tell where are my strength and weaknesses of my run and thus I know how to plan to improve my next run.  After every run, I just can’t wait to upload all my running data to the Net. Yes, I mentioned this can be addictive, didn’t I?

13. Garmin Forerunner 305 is Waterproof & Easy to Use 

Garmin 305 is waterproof and easy to use. Some of the more advanced and complicated functions require more time to study and set up, but it should not be a too difficult a task. I have yet to explore and use all the function. Will come to that one day.

Garmin Forerunner 305

Buy Garmin Forerunner 305

Okay, that’s all the reason why I like the Garmin Forerunner 305. Because of popular request, I have written a proper review, click to read my Garmin Forerunner 305 Review.

If you are interested, click to read how I first discovered Garmin Forerunner 305. :-) 

Okay, I gonna get ready and go for my run now …… with my Garmin Virtual Partner from the Garmin Forerunner 305.  Seeya. :lol:



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Garmin Forerunner 305 – My New Running Buddy cum Trainer

Garmin Forerunner 305 Is My New Love

Trail Running with Garmin Forerunner 305

Trail Running with Garmin Forerunner 305

I used to see people running with a GPS Watch though it might not be a Garmin Running Watch, some even used a Distance-Tracking Foot Pod or a Heart-Rate Monitor, I was always amazed by their zeal in tracking their performance.

They will upload their running data to their computers after each run to analyze the statistics. I said “What For?”  :)

I have a friend who uses a Garmin Forerunner 405 to monitor his performance. Since he bought this Forerunner 405, he started running more often especially during the first week.

After each run he would enthusiastically upload all the data into his computer and he would show me all his analysis on his running with a proud smile.

And he claims that this Garmin 405 had helped his training to be more performance-focused and he got more motivated for each run.

“Hey”,  I said “Wouldn’t this take away the fun from running?” I was not interested at all!

By the way, I did not like the look of Garmin Forerunner 405, it was so ordinary, just like any other watch. I am a gadget guy I like things that look different. That’s me. :)

By the way, here is how Garmin Forerunner 405CX looks like:

Garmin Forerunner 405CX

Garmin Forerunner 405CX

Until one day I stepped into a sport shop, that young gentleman showed me the Garmin Forerunner 305. Wow, that’s cool.

And he told me that I could use the Garmin 305 to map my thrice weekly run and it could provide great details, like the distance, my average and maximum speed, and with this data, I could improving my consistency and timing etc.

Well, I was Sold! I BOUGHT it. :lol

Life after Garmin Forerunner 305

This Forerunner 305 is really quite fun to use and truly I am now very motivated for each run, because after each run I just can’t wait to upload all my running data to the Garmin’s website and see how well I have run.

I am a trail runner, I hate to run on the road, but the problem with trail running is it is very difficult to track the distance I run because there are slopes, up slopes, down slopes and my runner speed can thus be very inconsistent. With my new Garmin Forerunner 305, I do not have such challenge anymore because it tracks my distance and my running speed.

Knowing with accuracy how far and fast I was running, I can analyze my run and find ways to improve my timing. Now I have created a running log on my computer to keep track of all the information of each of my run.

And truly, with these stats, they are very motivating and in fact, addicting.

By the way, Garmin Forerunner 305 looks really cool and sleek. Here is a picture of Garmin Forerunner 305.    

Garmin Forerunner 305

Garmin Forerunner 305

 Oh, Garmin has come out with a newer version Garmin Forerunner 310XT. It looks similar to the Garmin 305 but with more function.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Maybe, just maybe, I will get myself the Garmin Forerunner 310XT as a Christmas present at end of this year. :)

So, if you are serious about your running timing and performance, especially if you are preparing for some race or competition with no running buddy to help you to monitor your performance, these Garmin Watches are of great help to better and smarter training.

Now I wear my Garmin Forerunner 305 for every of my run. So must you. :)

Where to Buy Garmin Forerunner 305?

Oh, I bought my Garmin Forerunner 305  at a local shop for more than $250 and later I found out that you can get it at Amazon with a 57% discount with FREE with Super Saver Shipping.  

I am not sure how long will this special offer last, if you are serious about improving your timing, get it fast before the special offer is gone.

So Click here to get the Garmin Forerunner 305    or

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Click here for the more commonly used Garmin Forefunner 405CX.

Okay, that’s all for this post. Happy running with your Garmin Forerunner GPS Watch.

UPDATE: Garmin Forerunner 305 Review

Due to popular requests to share my experience with my Garmin 305, I’ve just written a review on the Garmin Forerunner 305. Click here to read my Garmin 305 review.

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